Real Estate



Aerial photography is an effective tool in selling your house.  With top view images you can show the full potential of a piece of property that would otherwise be difficult to see during a standard showing.  While many realtors are willing to walk the property with a potential buyer, if they have multiple houses to see in a day, that may prove difficult and certain areas will be overlooked.








Some details may be hidden from sight, like a large pond surrounded by trees that they cannot see without a bit of hiking.  Tell us about the hidden treasures your land has and we will be sure to capture them.  







Depending on the terrain of your property, it may be nearly impossible to see it all on foot!  It is one thing to tell someone about the many mountainous acres that they will be getting with their new home, but it's another thing to show them!   





We will work with you to set up an appointment to come out and photograph your property.  The appointment time will greatly depend on the weather, among other things.  We will take every consideration we can to make sure your pictures look fantastic!  When a potential buyer is scrolling through photos of house after house, we will help make your property memorable!